What Can Happen When You Don’t Have Professional Photos

What Can Happen When You Don’t Have Professional Photos

  • Julie Brittain
  • 06/23/22

Are you looking forward to selling your home? Professional photos truly are worth a thousand words. Expertly staged, well-lit, and inviting photos of your beautiful home greatly affect how quickly you can sell your property. Thanks to advanced technology on the web, buyers can now get an intimate look into a home they're interested in right from the comfort of their couch. So, the first impression often comes from online photos.
To get a feel of the impression that photographs can make, just go to any real estate portal and check out the houses listed. You don't need to look far to notice an abundance of photo errors or failures because poor property photos will pop out straight away.
Property photos should help you create a unique story that will sell your listing. That said, you need to show your property in the best possible light and entice enough potential tenants or buyers for an in-person visit.
With poor photography, even modern luxurious home listings won't attract buyers, and that's why every seller and realtor needs to invest in professional real estate photos. If you’re still unsure, here’s a review of what can happen when you don't present your home with professional photos.

Characteristics of poor quality photos

One of the main things that can happen when you don't use a professional real estate photographer is that you're likely to get poor quality photos for your listings. Many property sellers use low-quality images, and that's the worst error you can make for yourself. Poor quality photos drive away potential clients.
Poor quality photos will reflect poorly on your seller's brand and affect the time it will take to sell a property.

Irrelevant photos

If you take your own listing photos, you're likely to include many less important, irrelevent, or unfocused photos that a buyer won’t care about. For instance, many sellers include unnecessary things like fruit bowls and decor instead of focusing on important features of the house.
A professional real estate photographer, on the other hand, will only include shots that provide value to the house's marketing because they have the necessary experience on what real estate clients want to see.

Dimly lit or too bright photos

There's nothing more unprofessional than having bad lighting in your photos. Lighting is a huge factor in taking real estate photos since it makes a big difference to the appeal of your space. Too much lighting in an image will overexpose it, reducing the visibility of the details you want your viewers to notice. On the other hand, poor lighting will make the photo appear grainy and dark. Dim lighting can also make a space appear smaller than it is.
Using incorrect lighting will make your house’s walls appear discolored or dark and gloomy, which will reduce the overall appeal of your listing. You can avoid all these lighting issues by hiring a professional photographer who's great at capturing the best exposure for a room.

Poorly staged setting

Staging is another huge aspect of images that most property owners overlook. Who wants to see or purchase a house that looks cluttered and uninviting? Professional home photographers will be able to adjust every item in the house to ensure that it looks presentable and inviting.

Weird reflections

Unprofessional images sometimes contain reflections that might appear weird to a viewer. For instance, when you take your photos on your own, reflections of your body and other objects around you can appear bizarre in the pictures you're taking.
Professional real estate photographers have the necessary skills to avoid having their reflections in photos. This includes reflections of their body, cameras, flash, and any other kind of reflection that can distort a photo.

Poor photo editing

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After so much work is done in taking a set of expertly well-lit and staged photos, editing is meant to enhance what's already there and remove any distractions that will be problematic to potential buyers. Without proper editing, you may be missing an important step that turns a mediocre photo into a fantastic one.
A professional real estate photographer will ensure the best presentation of your property by eliminating any bad or flash lighting. Bad lighting can potentially blur an image, affect the colors, or distort important objects that you want to display to buyers.

Consequences of poor quality photos

If you choose to move forward without a professional photographer, you may run into some undesirable consequences that will negatively impact the selling process.

You and your property seller will look bad

One of the main things that can happen when you don't have professional photos for your listing is that you and your seller will paint a bad picture to potential customers. No one wants to purchase a house that doesn't look inviting, which is why photos play a huge role in building your brand in real estate. You must prove that you are worth the amount you're demanding.
If you don't use professional photos as a real estate agent, you risk misrepresenting your brand to potential buyers. Poor quality photos mean both you and your seller will create a bad impression. Similarly, high-quality photos will make you look amazing as well.

Your home may sell for less

Without professional photos, there's a high chance that your house will stay longer on the market since it isn’t drawing in as many in-person views. Even when it does finally sell, you'll probably sell it for less, either because you became more desperate and accepted a lower offer or because the buyers had a bad first impression. After all, no one wants to pay more for a home that looks uninhabitable or somewhere they can't picture themselves staying. Poor quality pictures make a house look bad to potential buyers and, therefore, their perceived value of the home is lessened.
With poor photos, you'll have fewer people interested in the listing, and as economists would put it, high supply and low demand are equal to a price decrease. Professional photos help you make high-end luxury listings that convert to more showings, giving you a high likelihood of selling for more.

Your home may sell slowly

Failure to use professional photos makes your home look less inviting compared to competing properties, meaning your listing will get fewer offers and sell slowly. Listings with poor-quality images tend to stay longer on the market because customers will have difficulty trusting your listing's credibility and authenticity.
Naturally, investing in professional and attractive photos will create the demand for more buyers to visit your property. The higher the foot traffic, the higher chance you have to sell your home—which means your home will sell much faster.

You'll waste your time

The process of taking photos, developing them, creating social media advertising, putting the photos on virtual tours, and more can take an extensive amount of time and effort. So, wouldn’t it be better to do it right the first time? Outsourcing someone with expertise in real estate professional photography will free up lots of your time instead of doing all of the work on your own. 

The importance of professional photos

As technology in the photography sector advances, visual tools and online platforms become more robust. This lets buyers get a clearer insight into a house before connecting with the agent or seller. This is why it’s highly important to have a professional set of photos for your listing from the onset.

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